The Art of Self Sabotage and the Benefit of Outsourcing IT Functionality

A person who thinks too much is ultimately sabotaging themselves. This is especially true when the pattern of thought is random and uncontrolled. When left to its own devices the human mind will skip and jump from one thought to the next whether it is a plan to do something, an image of an item it wants to acquire or the memory of an embarrassing situation (for example). If a person does not take the intentional action to take control of his or her focus then he or she will simply become absorbed in this thought process and go where ever it goes. However, if the person chooses to intentionally focus attention on something other than this thought process he or she will begin to think less and more clearly and will no longer be engaged in self sabotage.

Similarly, if a business is engaged in too many practices it too will be ultimately sabotaging itself. For example if a business is engaged in whatever activity it was designed to engage in but it is also engaged in the practice of managing its on IT department its business purpose is ultimately frustrating. Accordingly, many businesses make the wise choice to outsource their IT department to a managed IT services Austin. By doing so, the business achieves a better focus of energy and resources on doing what it was designed to do best (whatever that may be).

Once the business is focused on what it does best it will naturally do perform that function better. At this point it is no longer engaged in the process of self sabotage but rather is engaged in the process of mastery. For this reason outsourcing IT functionality to a managed IT services Austin is very much like the person who makes the choice to actively focus his or her attention rather than to squander it.