PBNs and SEO Salt Lake City

The use of PBNs or Private Blog Networks is a widely used technique by SEO Salt Lake City businesses. A Private Blog Network is a network of blogs with written content for the purposes of embedding back links and anchor text within that content. Back links are hyperlinks directed towards a website that it is intended to optimize. Anchor text is text within written content that has a clickable link associated with it. Both back links and anchor text have search engine optimization value in that they tend to make the content optimized appear to be more relevant to the search engine algorithms designed to look for that content.


There are pros and cons to using private blog networks for the purposes of search engine optimization. For one thing, if the content in which the back links and anchor text are embedded is determined to be spam by a search engine this will actually have the opposite intended effect in terms of search engine optimization. For this reason the content must have at least some value and value will have an associated cost with it in terms of money or sweat equity.

On the other hand private blog networks when functioning as they are designed to function will have a measurable search engine optimization value. So there is a definite return on investment in using this technique as long as one can keep the cost of acquiring and maintaining a private blog network as well as the cost of creating or outsourcing the creation of the content it will contain. Accordingly, if one is considering the use of a private blog network for the purposes of search engine optimization one must consider the costs and benefits involved.